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Tour Description

Historic Campus 

Participants will be surprised to discover how the original academic buildings and high-tech laboratories of the California Institute of Technology, one of the world’s foremost institutions of science and engineering, created an architectural footprint that relates to the surrounding community. 

After a brief visit to the Athenaeum, Gordon Kaufmann’s Mediterranean eclectic faculty club completed in 1931, the historic tour will explore Caltech’s original campus. Participants will see how Bertram Goodhue using “shaded portals, sheltering walls, and Persian pools” set the tone for a campus of great beauty so that scientists and engineers would become more aware of the aesthetic values of life. 

There are scheduled Community Tours of the Historic campus. Click here for more information. 

NOTE: This is a strenuous walk and is not suitable for people with strollers, walkers or children. The total distance is approximately 1⅓ miles and includes flights of steps. Tours last from 1½ to 2 hours. Low-heeled shoes are advised. For information on special needs call (626) 395-4654.